Apr 25, 2023

FOOD NEWSExploring the Sour-Sweet Taste of Sudachi

Japan is home to a variety of citrus fruits, each offering its own distinctive flavor. Among them, the Sudachi citrus fruit is a specialty of Japan's Tokushima Prefecture. Its vibrant green hue and unique tartness set it apart from other varieties of citrus. In this article, we will be exploring the sour-sweet taste of Sudachi and what makes it so special.

Apr 25, 2023

Facts About Sudachi

Sudachi is believed to have originated in Tokushima Prefecture in the 18th century. It is a hybrid of several citrus fruits such as oranges, kabosu, and hebesu. The small fruit has a distinct flavor profile, with a tartness that is not found in other citrus fruits. It also has a unique sweetness that sets it apart from other citrus varieties.

Sour-Sweet Taste of Sudachi

When compared to oranges, kabosu, and hebesu, Sudachi has a more pungent sourness that is balanced out by its sweetness. It has a slightly bitter edge to the flavor, adding an interesting complexity to the taste. This balance of sweet and sour is what makes Sudachi so sought-after by many chefs.

Recipes Using Sudachi

There are a variety of recipes that take advantage of the unique flavor of Sudachi. One of the most popular dishes is sudachi juice, which is created by blending the juice of several Sudachi fruits. Sudachi pickles are also popular and can be made by slicing the fruit and pickling it in a mixture of vinegar and sugar.

The Sudachi citrus fruit has a unique sour-sweet taste that sets it apart from other varieties of citrus. Its pungent sourness is balanced out by the sweetness of the fruit, creating a flavor that is distinctively Sudachi. It can be used to make a variety of dishes, from sudachi juice to pickles. With its growing popularity, Sudachi is likely to become an increasingly important part of Japanese cuisine in the years to come.